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You squint slightly as the wind blows directly in you face. The smell of…possibly roses (you were never very good at distinguishing scents) was carried upon it, along with the smell of dirt, and, if you were to wax poetic, sorrow.
Well, you were in a graveyard, after all. What else was to be expected?
You look down at the headstone you’re standing in front of. A rather plain one, really: your typical rounded rectangle sticking out of the earth. There were no flowers in front of it. You plucked a dandelion and placed it in front of the headstone. It was the least you could do, really.
You leisurely walk through the cemetery. You aren’t going home anytime soon, not after that big fight with Lindsay that was mostly him telling you how exactly you had fucked up in life, and you making fun of his name. Because it’s really a stupid, stupid name.
But really, who are you to judge? Your legal name is pretty dumb too.
At least your chosen name is rad. Sean.
You think it has a rather nice sound. Lindsay says it’s spelled stupidly…
Lindsay’s kind of an idiot though. Well, at least in certain things.

You walk for another five minutes before heading back to the, admittedly shitty, room you’re sharing with Lindsay. He says even though you’ve kind of failed in your whole “explanations” thing you’re still his friend. You say you still think his name’s dumb, but you’re willing to look past it and be his friend.

The two of you fist bump, crawl into the bed, and sleep.


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